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Over 70 years and more, our company has developed with efforts of our predecessors since it was established as Gunma Funka Kogyosho K.K. in Shibukawa, Gunma in June 1947. Depending on the times we have expanded our business, and gained immense trust as a comprehensive manufacturer of rice flour and other ingredients of confectionery and breadmaking.

Good taste, good health, fashion ━ values expected from food vary over time, and always, it is our challenge to design a new value by fusing them into a higher level. We believe the challenge is achievable only when rooted in our tradition and experience, cutting-edge technology and progressive sprit. Our ‘Riz Farine’ (rice flour designed for pastry), is an excellent proof because it is a pioneering work, symbolic fusion of tradition and innovation that shows new capability of rice flour that was mostly used for Japanese traditional sweets before. The values only we can make are also represented by products such as ‘Caférine’ (pure coffee flour of micro-fineness) or whole rice flour made from nutritionally featured rice varieties unique to Japan.

We also value new ideas about food. ‘Better choice’ including allergy consciousness, personal or social principles, sustainability is a significant key when we pick up what we eat. Our values are strengthened by certificates such as ‘FSSC22000’, ‘Gluten Free Certification Organization’ or ‘Halal’, managed under strict traceability and quality control. Our goal is the realization of a society where everyone enjoys at dinner table for comfort, without any worry.

A company is its people. In the firm belief that faithful and motivated work members lead to business development and sustainability, our company will give our best to support the food industry and society by providing high-quality and safety-assured food stably. We highly appreciate your continuous cooperation and look forward to future business.

President and Director
Hiroyuki Yamaguchi

Corporate history

Year Month
1947 June Gunma Funka Kogyosho is founded in Shibukawa, Gunma
1952 April Company name is changed to Gunma Rice Flour Milling Co.,Ltd.
1956 April Wheat Flour Factory is closed.
Production and sale of Kanbaiko launches (pregel sticky rice flour)
1958 April Tokyo Office opens
1963 April New factory site opens in Shibukawa, the current head quater
1965 February Production and sale of Monaka Flour, Joshin-ko (non-glutinous rice flour), Mochi-ko (sticky rice flour) launches
1968 January Roller Mill Factory launches
1969 February Stamp Mill Factory launches
1972 January パン粉工場新設
1974 September Roller Mill Factory launches
1977 December Nagoya Branch opens
1978 August 名古屋支店工場増設
1979 July Tokyo Office is upgraded to Tokyo Branch
1984 April Mixing Factory launches
1988 June Jet Mill Factory launches
1989 February Domyoji Flour Factory launches at Nagoya Branch
1990 October Rice Mill Factory is expanded
1992 September High-Speed Mill Factory is expanded
1994 June ミックス工程 タンク新設及びナウターミキサー増設
ミックス工程 バレタイザー導入
September Shanghai Rishen Food Products Co.,Ltd. is launches as a joint venture
1997 January New Low-Temp Warehouse is set up at Nagoya Branch
June Company’s 50th anniversary
1998 January Dryer Line of Domyoji Flour Factory is expanded at Nagoya Branch
February Shiroi Low-Temp Warehouse is set up
1999 July Shanghai Rimi Food Processing Co.,Ltd. launches as a joint venture
November 本社厚生棟新築
2000 February Company acquires ISO9002 certification
名古屋支店 ロール寒梅粉工程入替
April エクストルーダー工程新設
2002 July Micro-Fine Flour Production Line launches
December 名古屋支店 ミックス工程新設
2003 February Company acquires ISO9001 certification
2009 December Jet Mill Factory is expanded
2010 January Riz Farine’ wins the Award of Excellence of R&D
New Technology at Food Action Nippon 2009
2011 March New Stamp Mill Factory launches
2014 August Company acquires Halal certification
2017 June Company acquires FSSC22000 for 3 factories (New Stamp Mill, Kina-ko, Micro-Fine Flour)
2020 April Company acquires gluten free certification (partially)
2021 April Company acquires FSSC22000 for Shibukawa Factories
2021 September 日本食糧新聞社 第9回 地域食品産業貢献賞 受賞
2022 August Company acquires FSSC22000 for Nagoya Factories
2022 September Company surrenders ISO9001
2022 November 精米工程新設


Head Office & Factory

Gunma Prefecture 377-0008

Tokyo Branch

Tokyo 114-0004

Nagoya Branch & Factory

Mie Prefecture 512-8065